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Commissions - OPEN! :D - for info

lj progress -

Website -

*****1/29 Update*******

My cold is gone, and I'm getting a lot of progress done on commissions :D


Hello everyone~! :D  It's been a while since I've done much on DA... TT_TT;; almost 600 deviations to check~~  D:  lol, I think I'll ignore it for a little while longer :XD: so it piles up..even more!

I hope everyone had a great new year :D

I'm still sick. o_o;; I've had a cold for a little over two weeks-- although I did get some antibiotics from the doctor yesterday (since I've had it for so long it's most likely an additional bacterial thing?  or something like that-- ^^; )  I do feel a little better for the first time in two weeks after taking it so I guess it's working~?

I won't be working on plushies until I'm almost completely better-- ^^; I'm very sorry about this- I know some of you have been waiting like, forever ;_;  I blame it on my immune system XD  I hope you can, too. :heart:

I won't be selling at artist alley this year D: at least not at Kawaii kon~
I'm such a moron, I didn't sign up for an AA table immediately- cause when I checked in late December it was alreay sold out. ugghhh... I'm so stupiiiddd~~~


oh well ^^;  

Ah, if anyone was interested in getting some of these premade plushies:…
I'm willing to sell them for even cheaper, I just don't want them around since I know I won't be able to sell them at a con-  just note me with offers and I'll most likely take it XD seriously, with most of them- just as long as you are willing to cover shipping costs I'm willing to send it to you. I am willing to do some trades, too-- XD

Ok I'm done~ :D
thanks for reading XD
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Commissions - OPEN! :D - for info (I might not be able to get it to you by Christmas… please let me know if you need something by Christmas and I can let you know if I‘ll be able to make it by then.)
Trades - none until I finish my current ones, but note me if you'd like to set up something next year XD

lj progress -

Website -

:new::new:UPDATE - 12.07 -

I'm offering free shipping for ALL of my PREMADE plushies. (NOT commissions) Even international orders---!! (first class airmail)
So anything on my etsy page or on my website… free shipping wherever you are.  I added some new stuff, too~ ;)

(for etsy, checkout as usual, when you pay with paypal then it should say that shipping is free.  If it doesn't, deduct the amount that you would have been charged... if you have problems with it, please let me know)

~thank you :heart:

Raffle is closed.  
Thank you to everyone who entered~! *o*
congratulations to looby_loo35 (email) and PJ-Williams I contacted you both-- :D
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Commissions - OPEN! :D - for info
Trades - none until I finish my current ones, but note me if you'd like to set up something next year XD

lj progress -

Website -

Hey everyone!  I'm almost done with my already paid commissions (7 more to go! ;D almost 6--)

So I will be reopening plush commissions again--

I will probably take about 1~ 1.5 months to complete them (probably sooner, but it's hard to say ^^; you can get a better idea if you check my lj page)  I will definitely get them to you by Christmas. ;D  if you need it by a certain date, always let me know beforehand.  I will be working on them as quickly as I can.

I will work on new commissions in the order I receive payment.

I will begin sewing your commissions as soon as I'm done with these last seven XD but in the meantime, I will be buying the fabrics and materials so I can get started on them as soon as I'm done with the last bunch.

Please see my website for plush commission information. (just updated XD)

Please email me or note me if you'd like to get a price quote. ;D  

If you don't hear back from me after a day or two, I probably didn't get your message, if you could resend it I would appreciate it. ;_;

Hm… I'll be adding a lot of things to my etsy store soon since it's a lot easier to buy things that way *w*;; (I'll be adding a lot of the premades on my website and a few other new things that I didn't take pictures of yet)  I'll be making a new journal entry when I do :XD:

~thank you! :D


I want to thank the person who bought me a DA print ;_; I have no idea how to find out who sent, it but I just got it on Tuesday thank you so much!!  please let me know who you are so I can thank you-- *w* :heart::heart::heart: I really appreciate it! :happycry:

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Commissions - CLOSED - for info
Trades - none until I finish my current ones, but note me if you'd like to set up something next year XD

lj progress -

Website -

I write, you read and that's it, really.

I hope everyone has been doing ok~ :D

Aah, for the past two months, I have been really going at a slow pace, I deeply apologize to all commissioners, I'm usually a lot faster than this ;_;  My motivation was next to nothing and I was feeling all emo and crap.

I did get to do a LOT of reading and stuff… *w*;; (shoujo manga and a whole lot of BL XD)

But the pace is picking up again-- and I think I'll get a lot of sewing done by the end of  this month. ;D  I have a lot of progress on a lot of different projects.  online shopping is my new source of motivation XD  It's true.

I'm going to be accepting commissions on November 1st.  (I thought I would be done with current commissions by the beginning of this month o_o;; )
meaning I'm going to attempt to get all current commissions done by then. ;_;

Those new commissions will be done as quickly as I can to get everything out for Christmas shipping deadlines, and I will be working right up until that date (usually it's around Dec 19th, right? ;) )

For now, I will only be doing commissions of human-type characters. (as long as it's the same pattern I always use.  Ears or legs or arms can be modified, but I won't make anthro unless I don't have to change the face/body pattern)  There are a lot of more talented people who make animals and creatures for less than what I would charge, and they'll come out nicer, so for now, I will not make them.   I don't want to charge you as much a regular plush, because I don't have much experience with them, yet it usually takes me twice or three times as long to make as a regular plush and I am generally not as motivated so it's a no win for me D:

but if it's a small plushie for a plushie (as an acessory), I can do that, most likely XD

I am going to be raising prices.   I know I might have quoted you a cheaper price earlier, I'm sorry-- those prices are not valid anymore.  A normal 12~13 inch human-type plush (with embroidered faces) will be starting at $60 (for simple/plain ones) and more like $75~80 for plushies with moderate/high amounts of clothing details/etc.
Shipping is the same, $5.50 + $3 optional insurance for US/Canada (Canada shipments with first class mail can't be insured) and $11 airmail worldwide.
If you'd like insurance on international packages, the prices start at $28. (it will be mailed with global priority, those are the prices the post office charges -.-; I can also ship with EMS, please ask if you'd like it and I can check prices for you)

Huh?  I know it's a lot.  Please don't complain to me, I feel bad enough as it is. TT_TT;; And I am not expecting much commissions because of this.

Quite frankly, I'd be lucky to get even one or two commissions at this higher price XD.  

But it still takes me at least 10 hours for one plush.  (usually it's around 15~20 hours D: )  and somehow I don't see it being worth my time for less.  ;_;

...well, it was either that or I wouldn't take commissions at all.  I'd only make things that I really want to make ;P

..and then I can start working on those trades ;_;

Just wanted to let any of you who were interested in getting one know about the price change beforehand so you could make up your mind either way (to get or not to get XD )

Um… I think that's it, really.  I gotta get back to finishing those last commissions-- ;)

I'll be making a new journal post at the end of the month, when I reopen commissions again. :D

Ok, I'm done. :heart:

Thank you all for your continued interest in my stuff~!  I really appreciate it! =D:heart:  Your comments and favs always makes me feel very happy and less like the pathetic loser I've always been :XD:


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Commissions - CLOSED - for info
Trades - depends :XD: pls note.

lj progress -

I did it! ;x; finally a website~

My old web host thing expired or will be expiring so I decided to go with geocities XD  for the gallery, I decided to use photo bucket since I'm lazy D:  It includes almost all of the plushies I've made so far. Even the old ugly ones and some others that I just forgot to upload to DA D:  they are named in the order I created them in, so you can see how I've (slowly) progressed >_<;;;;;

What is not included are things that I haven't photographed yet… those are ones I made for myself but forgot to take a pic of…

Big thanks to the incredible BabyLondonStar again who helped with the html coding *_*;  I would have never figured it out by myself XD

Uhhh…. Ah, tags! XD  I've got a few of them-- you know the 'name ===random facts about yourself'? (I think I must have gotten four of those over the past few months) I don't think I have more than 30 interesting facts about me XD  I'll write as much as I can.

1) I like using up thread. D: It's an unusually satisfying feeling I get when I empty a spool… it shows that I actually did stuff, I think? Ugh, that made no sense… >_<;   I also really like using up other supplies like fabric and glue… whatever it is.

2) I hate Styrofoam packing.  The noise it makes bothers me a lot.  I hate computer goods that are packed tightly in it.  I won't touch it or go near it when someone is opening it. ._.

3) I want to learn how to pick a lock.  I have a feeling that I might lock myself out of the house and it would come in handy.  Not for any illegal purposes, mind you. ;P  (I've been replaying Hotel Dusk, I think that's what gave me the idea :XD: )

4) I want to be able to practice drawing more… I want to do an online manga or something XD

5) I really really want to make cosplays but do not want to wear them >_<;;

6) I buy to much fabric D: I know a lot of it I actually do use, but I tend to collect fabrics that I really like =.=;; (mostly impulse buys) at least now I know not to buy a lot of yards, it's usually just 1/3 of a yard, so I don't waste more money XD (since they're all for plushies anyway)

7)  I don't like social gatherings… in general.  Like parties and ceremonies and stuff like that.  I prefer to stay at home.

8) When I was younger, I'd like to sew-- XD Every summer, I'd do crafty things-- and I'd look forward to doing them.  I'd make… accessories for my toys and bags…  I always had a hard time following patterns so I'd just try random stuff.

My mom and I would sometimes work on making stuffed animals of characters that I liked but had no official merchandise of.  I kept all of them, but they're in storage.  I should take pictures of them the next time I see them.  I remember she made a Kirby one (that must have been around 1992, I remember I was in the second grade… )  I carried them around everywhere. I was such a dork D:

9) I folded a thousand and one small paper cranes.  Actually, I've folded 5 sets of a thousand XD for no real reason.  I thought maybe I could sell them, but I never attempted to. :XD:
I still have them all.
Here in Hawaii, it is more common for someone to fold them for weddings and stuff.  D:  One day, I'd like to make a thousand that are all folded perfectly so it can be arranged into some nice design and framed. ^^   kind of like these…

But using really  tiny origami paper (a half inch or smaller, rather than the usual 2x2 inch small paper typically sold) instead so it wouldn't need such a large frame. XD

I hope someone found that to be somewhat amusing :XD:

And… I got nothing else.. I'm not going to tag, because I don't keep track of who did them or not. :XD:

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Plush commissions - [closed]…
Plushies that need a home  -…
Trades - [note me?, see… for more trading info]

plush status -

Hello, everyone~~! :wave:

I've decided to close plush commissions for now.  I really want to finish up all of the current ones first ^^;  ...and maybe I can take a short break after that, too. <3
It will probably be about two~three months from now that I'll start up again… (or whenever I'm done with the current ones) D:  I want to thank everyone who did commission me, again-!!!! *w*:heart:  I'll be working hard to complete all of them~ =D

This way, when I do start up again, you will get your plushie a LOT faster.  :D
Besides, even if you did pay now, it might be around a month before I would be able to start, anyway ^^;

If you already contacted me about a  plush, and I already gave you a price, don't worry-- I'll still accept them for now.  I'll be accepting payments for them for about another week or so…  please let me know if you think it will take longer than that. I can make exceptions ;)
If you were getting several, but only paid for one, don't worry-- I'll be accepting your other ones after I'm done with the first. (I think there were only two of you, anyway ^^; )

Please do not note me about giving you a price quote, because I will not save reference pictures on my computer  nor will I save your note.  I won't get mad, its just that you'd be wasting your time. You'd need to resend all of the information to me anyway ^^;

In general, they will be in the $48~60 range… maybe more if it has a lot of details and stuff.  So be prepared to spend around that much ^^;

Please keep an eye on my journal for the next time commissions will be open again~! (if you wanted one, that is ;P )   I'd appreciate it a lots!  I'll be updating this journal, as soon as I decide to reopen again~

Uhm…. Yeah ^^; I think that's all…

thank youuuu~~

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Plush commissions - [OPEN!!]
Plushies for sale -… <-- new things added recently
Trades - [note me?]

plush status -

Aaah, I'm finally going to be doing commissions again :XD:

Hey everyone~!!  aah, it’s been a while since I’ve done stuff… ^^;

Thank you for your continued interest.  I am always delighted/surprised when someone is interested in getting one.  :XD:

I’m really really sorry if I didn’t reply to your notes earlier… it has happened a few times, I’m very sorry TT__TT;; It’s not like I even get a lot of notes or emails anyway….  I'm so horrible-- DX

I will start to contact everyone on my wait list, and then I can work on them all.  I might need to ask some of you for reference pictures again. DX  The original notes gets lost in my inbox sometimes….  I only took note of your username and not what you’d like made. *is verystupid*

I need to contact all of you:

Or, if you read this and you already have the reference pics ready, please note them to me again?  I will be super grateful. :)  I didn’t add the most recent ones, so I’ll know who you are.

If you are on this list, and you do not want to get one, or if you’d like a different character, that’s completely fine, just send me a note with the ref pics and it’ll be awesome.



Here are some faq~ I get some frequently asked questions~
:star:  how do you make the face?
     I have an embroiderey machine.  I draw them in photoshop and then my machine stitches the design I drew on the fabric.
I sometimes draw them directly to the fabric with fabric paint.

:star: how long does it take to make a plushie?
     At least 8 hours.  It depends on the complexity of the design.

:star:  Will you remake something in your gallery?
     Yes.  I try to make them better, too.

:star: Will you make a ---- plushie for me?
    Sure.  Just send me reference pictures of the character and I can give you a price quote.
I don't do very well with animals/creatures, though D:  I do best with people or humanoid characters~ :)


:new::new::new: New commission information :new::new::new:


this felt type naruto plushies by ichigo-pan43 or…
Chibi felt - starts at $25
is made of felt and has hand painted eyes
they have big heads :XD:
they are good if you don't handle them too much--
I will only remake anything you see in that gallerey, for now.  I am running out of some colors of felt, and I won't be buying more (I can't make characters with yellow/certain shades of blue/red hair) XD  
I do not want to make any new characters, as commissions.  I will continue to make these style of plushies until I use up all of my felt supply. If you would like to suggest a character, let me know and I might make it. ;)
It is 12" tall.

and this type Ema Skye plushie v2 by ichigo-pan43 AW: DoR - Penny plushie by ichigo-pan43
Normal-type plushies - starts at $45
has embroidered eyes and is made of more durable materials :)
they take about 5~8 times longer than the felt type, hence the higher price.  The embroidered face adds three hours to the plush (vs painting) >_<;;
It is approx. 12" tall also. :)

I will not be doing commissions of non-human like characters. (no animal/creatures) at this time.  I might later on, but it is much too time consuming for me to do them now.  I'm so slow with them. :(

I can do gijinka or anything that is the same as the human-type pattern that I use. :)

Here is how to get one/what the process will be:
(Terms and condtions blah blah… D: You must abide by these terms, ok? ;) )

1) send me a note or an email ( with reference pictures and descriptions (if pictures aren’t enough)  

+ Please include what country you are in so I can give you the proper shipping totals.

+ Let me know if you want to have your package insured.  If you don’t mention it, I will not include insurance prices.  If a package gets lost or stolen and you do not purchase insurance, it is not my fault.  I will not issue a refund, or a partial refund nor will I remake it for you for free or at a discounted price.  Once it is out of my hands, it is out of my hands.  However if you do purchase insurance, I can either remake it or refund your money. (when I get refunded by USPS)
+ I can make as many characters as you’d like to get-- but I will not discount them because you will be getting many different ones.    Discounts are only for mass production of your own characters XD

2) I send you the total amount needed to complete the plushie.  The prices start at $45 and usually don’t go higher than $60.  ($25~30 for the felt type) But for something incredibly time consuming, it will be more.  The more complex, the more it will be.  If you would like the plushie to have as much detail and work as possible, let me know so I can factor that into the cost.

3) you send me the payment.  I will not start work until you pay me first.  I must receive your payment in full, no split payments.

I accept paypal, money orders or personal checks (must clear before I can start work on it.)

Please do not excessively  ask about the progress.  I have no problems with 1~3 times a  week, but not several times a day. ^^;  The more time I spend corresponding, the less time I have to complete your project. I have no life, so all my time is spent working on your stuff. :XD:  No, really it‘s true. ^^;

4) After completing your plush, I will mail it out to you. =D

5) I pray that it reaches you safely and hope that  you like it :XD:

Aaand… that is all!
Let me know if you have any other questions regarding commissions-- I want to make this as clear as possible.  

~thank you!!

[updated 7.26]
About trades:

I either do trades for art or for other custom plushies or other stuff that I might want but do not want to spend money on. :XD:

For plushie trades:  I will only start work on yours if 1) I’ve traded with you before, or I know you can work quickly/you make lots of plushies. We would both be working at the same time to get them completed.   or 2) you complete your side and mail to me.  That way, I know you're serious.  =D  I will work quickly to get your side done, once I recieve yours~  
I've had quite a handful of trades that fell through.  I had started on them, but had not heard back from them :|  So now, to prevent me from wasting my time, I do not start until I recieve yours.  I can't judge how serious your are, until I get your part.  I hope you can understand. ;.;

When I do trades (especially with art) consider it like me commissioning you, while you're commissioning me.  What I mean is that the dollar amounts should be somewhat equal.  If your commissions are $5~10, I hope you don't expect me to make you a $45~50 plush. because I won't.  ^^; I could make you two small mini plush, instead :) (which would be $5~8 each, regularly)  or maybe a premade felt one. :3

on the other hand, if your rates are much higher (say, $80+ for a pic), I will make at least two plushies, in return :3 (maybe more? )

For custom plush trades, though-- I won't tend to stick to this rule so often.  I will go by how difficult the design is. (if you'd like something in a somewhat simple outfit, I will try to pick a character with a simple outfit.  if you'd like something with more details and is more time consuming, I will choose similarly. or I could make two simple ones for a more detailed one from you/or the other way around.  This will all need to be negotiated on a case by case basis XD )  
I generally like to stay away from making animals/creatures, cause I'm bad at them, and they take so long x_x;;  I have the most experience with human-type characters, so you'll probably get something better. Also, let me know if you'd like to do more than one.  I like to do several at once, if you have the time and resource to make others~

I really love doing plush trades~ :3

I also would be interested in trading for clay figures/charms~  *w*:heart:


Please note me if you are interested in a trade~ :):heart:  I'd appreciate it a lot.



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Commission information:…


The list will get updated as soon as I sell/trade something.

last edited - 7/06/08


new ones are added once in a while~ :)…

these are all $25 each

weib kreuz - kenken :)
KKJ - Maron
Yakitate!! Japan - Kanmuri
From One Piece - two Nami, one Ace
Mukuro - 2 available
Lavi - 2 available
Chrome - one on the right
Von Karma

Katamari Cousins are $22

Jeanne and the two Tsuna's are the price on the picture.

Please note me if you're interested in buying any of these.

Prices do not include shipping. Please let me know where you're located and I can let you know the costs.

I might trade these for other custom plushies :) please note me if you're interested~ thanks!! =D


Hello everyone!! :wave:
Kawaii kon just ended yesterday... it was neat :XD: I was all sore by the third day, though.  I bought some KHR stuff and I sold a lot of plushies :XD:  I handed out a lot of business cards, so hopefully people come here and like what I make? :confused: It was so neat meeting neat people and it was totally cool, like seriously for real! *_*;;;;;


a lot of people I met had DA accounts so I'll definately look at all of them :XD::heart::heart:

here are pics of everything I made…;

I don't want to swarm  your inbox with stuff right now, nor do I want to upload many things so I'll just keep a lot of it on photobucket, maybe later I will upload some of them here on DA....

hmmm..... :heart:

These are all approx 12" tall, mostly made out of felt, sometimes fleece for hair, although for some of the outfits, various materials are used ^^;

Here's what's left:
these are all $25 each
From One Piece - two Nami
KKJ - Maron
Yakitate!! Japan - Kanmuri
Ayanami - the one with the :| face
weib kreuz - kenken :)
ouran host club - both of the twins :XD:

I really really really really really really want these out of the house, as they're taking up space :|

Hehe, please note me or email me : if you'd like anything.  Payapl or money order or cash at your own risk in the mail is accepted :)

Shipping prices:  USA
$5.50 for one, $8 for two, for more, ask please :XD:

International shipping
$10 for one, $13 for two, for more, ask please :XD:

I may do trades for these for other custom plushies (maybe art or other stuffs) if I get no sales here :XD:

thanks to all of you who bought something from me, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... :happycry:  and also, those who always leave such nice comments for me here on DA. :happycry::heart: haha, I'm so insecure :giggle::heart:

Okies, I need to work on some cleaning so I can get some sewing done :XD:  I sure made a mess of everything before the con D:

-thanks everyone! :heart:
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Commissions: note me with character info and I can give you a price quote.
Trades: note me :3

Just dropping in~ oho, I haven't been able to check my inbox recently… o_o;; it's overflowing from not really checking it for a week.  

Hehe, thank you for all your comments on my last journal. I think the game got lost in the mail :XD: after three months I don't think it'll ever come. ah well... ^^;

thank you for your support~ :):heart::heart:

Kawaii Kon is soon.  Under two weeks. D:  much sooner than I thought.  I thought I had at least three weeks.  Oh well.....

I will be working nonstop until the convention *__*;;  The sewing marathon of pain has just begun~ :D

I will be at table 19 at artist alley~ ^_^

Will you be there? :3

Um….. I apologize if I don't get to reply to you right away, right now I'm just using the internet a few minutes at a time for short breaks and what not….  I will get through all of my messages, though!!  Ohoho!! :XD:  I also want to comment on your arts and stuff too~ :)  

So--- will be starting up commissions again on April 21st--- which is right after the con.

Hehe, I will begin contacting everyone at that time.  Thank you for your interest in getting them~:happycry:

Felt plush commissions start at $25, and the other kind starts at  $45.
They are about 12 inches tall.

um............ I can't think anymore x_x;;;

talk to you all later~!! :):heart:
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